A new generation of connected treatment devices


Designed by our research department, SOFTSALT completes the Sanebio brand. This new generation treatment device offers many advantages thanks to its wide range of salt concentrations. It also features Blueswim technology which makes it fully manageable from a smartphone via Bluetooth®.



◦ Control via the box or at the poolside thanks to Bluetooth® technology.
◦ Clock or timer can be programmed daily or weekly (multispeed pumps only)
◦ 30-day measurement log

Salt water chlorinator:

◦ Multiple configurations: pH and/or Chlorine + Rx/pH function (measurement/injection + tank level)
◦ Auxiliary output to maintain filtration
◦ Lexan LCD – color screen (can be controlled without Bluetooth®)
◦ Can be used from 1.5 g/L to 4.5 g/L depending on version
◦ 40 to 60 m³ (depending on model)