Our GREEN range released in 2017 with our models of pumps for pools that operate economically and intelligently. A range that adapts its operation to use.

This range proves to be a good economic and ecological choice acting at different levels: optimised electrical consumption, reduced noise pollution, better filtration, optimisation of the life of the pump.

Choosing a variable speed or variable flow pump is quickly a good return on investment.


A variable speed pump acts on different levels:

  • Electrical consumption: optimize the filtration power to the installation’s needs. Decreasing the power by just a few m3/h generally makes it possible to reduce electricity consumption to 1/3 what it was originally
  • Adapted consumption to the type of use or to the need in real time
  • Noise reduction: our pumps offer incomparable acoustic comfort
  • Better filtration: water moves more slowly through the filtration system and particles are trapped more efficiently
  • Low energy consumption means the filter can run 24/7 for more consistent water treatment and heating
  • Service life of the pump: less heating, optimized service life of the pump and its components


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* except bearing and capacitor