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Nearly 30 years of know-how in pool filtration pumps


ACIS, under the VIPOOL brand, designs and markets a range of sand filtration systems, swimming pool pumps, CCS pumps, filtration systems or plates.
The Vipool brand will adapt to different pool sizes.
Our products are guaranteed 5 years.


The Vipool range :

  • Standard pumps
  • Max T° pumps & compatible
  • Eko pumps
  • CCS or balneo pumps
  • Vipool filtration

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Advantages of Vipool pumps

Discover advantages of Vipool pumps

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Standard pumps

A solution fitted for each pool type. 5 years guaranty.

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Max T° pumps & compatible

Suitable for robots

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EKO Pumps

4 energy-saving pumps.

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CCS or balneo pumps

A range of pumps to meet NCC, balneo or spa needs.

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Vipool Filtration

Very simple to use for filtration

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