nearly 30 years of know-how
in pool filtration pumps

The VIPOOL expertise covers the classic filtration pump, economical, and for counter-current swimming.

Not forgetting sand filters and solution / filtration set. ACIS is constantly innovating in this field with new products or solutions, and has launched the Eko pump range.

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the product lines

Advantages of Vipool pumps

Discover advantages of Vipool pumps

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Standard pumps

A solution fitted for each pool type. 5 years guaranty.

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Max T° pumps & compatible

Suitable for robots

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EKO Pumps

4 energy-saving pumps.

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CCS or balneo pumps

A range of pumps to meet NCC, balneo or spa needs.

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Vipool Filtration

Very simple to use for filtration

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the last news from Acis


Acwa group attends three exhibitions

By the end of this year, ACWA group will take part in a few events across Europe. Take this opportunity to meet ACIS, WA Conception and Bio-pool team!     Aquanale trade fair – Cologne Germany   For the first time, we will present our new products during the next Aquanale edition, with a special focus on our electrical box…

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Change color without replacing skimmer!

With the new skimmer over-mouth to clip on, Weltico offers a new solution for skimmer A400 Design colors choice. 5 good reasons to discover new A400 DESIGN skimmer over-mouth Change color without replacing skimmer ! or give a second life to a white skimmer. Convenient and easy to install ! without glue or dismantling the existing installation. More storage space…

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Piscina & Wellness Event Barcelona 2021

Come and meet ACIS team at Piscina & Wellness Event Barcelona until the 2nd of December 2021!

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General news

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