Stainless steel is unquestionably a material of choice to enhance your pool and give it a high-end look.
If you are looking for partial or complete equipment for your pool, check out our range of skimmers, nozzle accessories and stainless steel projectors.

ACIS offers 316L STAINLESS STEEL parts with passivated joints (drilling, grinding, welding, etc.) and A4 stainless steel screws. In other words, grades with enhanced corrosive properties have been selected to resist “standard” pool water parameters (chlorine, pH, etc.).
As a result, ACIS STAINLESS STEEL parts will not be covered by warranty for any corrosion. Indeed, the physical and chemical parameters of water, the treatment of stray currents, the conditions of use, the maintenance of parts, are all elements that generate external and independent corrosion of our stainless steel parts.


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