Mobile application and remote controls


Recommended with Tunable lighting

BLUESWIM TUNABLE : Designed for the Tunable lighting range, the Blueswim application and its control unit to be set up in the plant room allows you to customize lighting in the pool and garden.


Recommended with Standard lighting

BROADBAND OVER POWERLINE UNIT WITH REMOTE CONTROL : up to 4 color projectors┃unit to be connected to the power cable of the projectors
at the transformer output┃fixed color rotation┃program rotation

REMOTE CONTROLON/OFF : for white projectors┃can be built into any existing installation┃a module that can withstand 1000 W/5A, which connects to the transformer power supply (220 V)┃one remote control

MULTIFUNCTIONAL MODULE WITH REMOTE CONTROL : for white and color projectors┃Button A: ON/OFF┃Button B: pulsed or ON/OFF controlled via: electrical piezo button, electrical push button, pneumatic push button and switch