Pressure cartridge filters: the future of filtration

Developed by the ACIS R&D team, the 6-CLONE filter meets market requirements, providing:

  • a high degree of filtration (15 microns)
  • a product in line with the times: compact, customized, eco-friendly
  • an upgrade replacement from a sand filter to cartridge filtration
  • a perfect fit for a low power pump = does not require any backwashing


  • Rotating inlet and outlet
  • For pool sizes 25 to 95m³
  • A compact system, the 6-Clone is suitable for all plant room specifications
  • Uses Weltico cartridges (same dimensions) – 15 microns
  • 4 cartridge sizes: C3-C5-C6-C7
  • Pressure gauge to check operating pressure and clogging
  • Clear tank to visually inspect any cartridge clogging
  • reduced water consumption compared to using a traditional filter: no need for any backwashing