Creates ambience


Specially designed for Weltico’s Tunable lighting range, the Blueswim application allows you to create a luminous ambience that completely suits your style. The Blueswim Tunable solution, comprising a control unit to be set up in a plant room, can be used to control all
WELTICO lighting products (ON/OFF, program switch) and offers a number of features for Tunable White and Color projectors.



◦ Calendar
◦ Countdown timer
◦ Auto off


◦ Direct color control and adjustable lighting intensity
◦ Customized programs based on 3 settings (color, color cycle time and color transition time)
◦  The projectors come with 15 built-in programs to choose from that can be used to apply a fixed color or a sequence of different colors


◦ Direct control of white tones from 2,500 to 6,500k and brightness
◦  9 program options for warm and cool white variation