A simple, economical, logical all-in-one unit that sits
against the side and makes it easier to implement pool
A complete unit, comprising a rear service unit and
other customizable features.

FRONT PANEL (900-750-250MM):
◦ 1 A400 Design skimmer
◦ 2 DESIGN adjustable return nozzles
◦ 1 Easyled Evo projector, 6-LED white
◦ 1 tank cover
◦ 1 lighting remote control

SERVICE UNIT (1120X1020X620 MM):
◦ 1 PHT pump with specially-designed resin-coated high temperature (65 °C) motor for underground service units
◦ 1 electrical box with clock and a transformer required to power the projector and pump
◦ 1 HP by-pass or other integrated heating system
◦ 1 built-in C5 cartridge (max. flow 15 m3/h)