Compatible with Desjoyaux® blocks*

  • Specific high ambient temperature resistant motor = 65°C. Designed and built to withstand heat (for: underground units or filtration block exposed to the sun)
  • Available in dual-speed: PHT 2V (low or high speed). Change speed using a pneumatic system
  • Remote control via Bluetooth® with Blueswim EO (excluding PHT 2V)

* Important : The DESJOYAUX® brand belongs to third party. It is only used to inform trade customers about the PHT pump’s compatibility with this brand and its Desjoyaux® Block product. The use of the brand is not intended to suggest that the products described would be identical to the products and facilities marketed under the brand mentioned, or that there is a link between ACIS, the manufacturer of the PHT pump, and the owner of this brand. As a pumps manufacturer, ACIS guarantees that a replacement in accordance with the supplied mounting rules, does not affect previous performance.